Former police officer raising money to keep K-9 partner

(WCYB) - If you saw Justin Miller and his dog Emmy together, you would think they are best friends, but the duo has been through a lot together.

That includes putting their safety at risk to protect others.

Miller is a former Damascus, Va.,  police officer and Emmy was his partner, a trained narcotics dog.

"Emmy has also been trained to bite for fugitive apprehension. You don't really want a dog like that in the hands of the general public. I just don't want her to fall into the wrong hands," he says.

In July of this year, Miller turned in his resignation.

"Usually if a handler resigns or retires or something like that, usually the department will offer to let them buy the K-9," says Miller.

That's not the case this time. The Damascus Town Council voted to sell the dog and is accepting sealed bids. The minimum price is $3,000.

Damascus Mayor Jack McCrady says Emmy was purchased with an equipment fund in May 2012.

"Unfortunately it is considered a piece of equipment and it has to be liquidated as a piece of equipment. So unfortunately we have to put it out to bid," he says.

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