Full-scale homemade train for sale in California

SHAFTER, Calif. (KGET/CNN) - In California, the owner of a locomotive is looking for a new home for his train.

This isn't your grandpa's train set - it's an actual train.

Rounding the bend, the wheels on the train track go around a Shafter, Calif., lot for what will be one of its last times.

Merrill Lehman, a lifelong constructor, turned conductor and started building this beauty 25 years ago.

"Engine No. 9. My father was born in 1909. So I named it Engine No. 9," Lehman said.

"Every time I see him sit down and start doodling or work numbers I think, 'What are you building now?' It was just part of my life," Adele Lehman, Merrill Lehman's wife, said.

But Merrill Lehman shared some secrets on how this train came together.

The seats are auction-bought school chairs. The railing is part of a wheel chair. There is also a gold mining pot, and on the front is one of their child's silver baby cups.

It's choo-chooed around the property for over two decades, including over bridges and through brush and tunnels on the half-mile track that Merrill Lehman laid by hand, entertaining this community.

"We've had pregnant mothers on here, so unborn children, and we had a gentleman who was 100 years old rode it. So we've had the whole gamut," Merrill Lehman said.

But it's time for the whole thing to go.

Merrill Lehman and his wife sold their house and land, and now they are looking for someone to take their train aboard, listing it for sale.

For $250,000, you get it all: the train, fake steam, upgraded sound system, all the track, and even the barn if you want it.

“I'd rather it stay here. It's just so I can go by and look at it. Shed a tear maybe. Nah, not really," Merrill Lehman said.

He thinks he can let it go.

"This was the last hurrah. Somebody needs to enjoy it, and sitting in my backyard wouldn't do that," Merrill Lehman said.

"There's a phase in everyone's life, and it's time to go on at this point for us," Adele Lehman said.

The Lehmans say they have had a few calls about the train, but no serious offers yet.

They have until the end of the year to sell it or it will go into storage.