Gary Lezak lives out lifetime dream with the Kansas City Royals

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Friday night, Chief Meteorologist Gary Lezak got to fulfill a lifetime dream.

“High Popfly to Right Field and a great catch by Infante.”

For a little more than ten minutes, Lezak got to call baseball for the Kansas City Royals.

“I grew up a Los Angeles Dodgers fan, big Dodgers fan in the 1960s and 70s. They had some really great teams. Then when I came to Kansas City, it was obviously a natural fit to become a big Royals fan. Now, I’m a bigger Royals fan than a Dodgers fan,” Lezak said.

The fact that weather isn’t Lezak’s only passion was clearly evident through the air waves.

“You’re a natural. That’s pretty darn good,” Royals announcer Ryan Lefebvre said.

Lefebvre even joked announcer Denny Matthews could take the rest of the night off.

“Danny, you want to go to the stadium club and have a cold beverage and dinner? We’ll just turn it over to Gary here.”

Lezak, a Kansas City staple, was even a little starstruck.

“I can’t believe I’m sitting here with two legends in radio… this is incredible.” 

But it wasn’t all about baseball. Lezak also gave the forecast and some interesting weather facts relating to baseball.

He said there’s a reason balls tend to hit better when it’s hot and humid. Apparently, humid air is lighter than cooler air, letting the ball go further.

Matthews said, as a payback for giving them a break Friday night, he would come to the 41 Action News studio and take on the green screen.

“I like weather, I’m a weather guy,” Matthews said.

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