Goat knocks Utah paperboy down, chases him up tree

"I think it's possessed or something"

SMITHVILLE, Utah (KSL) - A Utah paperboy had an unusual encounter during his morning route.

The 14-year-old says a goat knocked him to the ground and chased him up a tree.

The goat had been chained up in Marissa Benson's yard when he broke free. That's when Jaxon Gessel says he was attacked.

"It just freaked me out when it stood up on its back legs and wrapped it's front legs around me and pulled me off."

Jaxon took shelter in a tree for about an hour. In that time, Gessel was reported missing.

Voldemort is one and a half, but Benson says he's a great pet and good with kids. But Jaxon is not convinced.

"People are just like, why are you scared of goats. I'm like that was a freaky goat. I think it's possessed or something."

No one was hurt. Voldemort is back at home. His owners now call Jaxon "The Boy Who Lived."

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