Kick start your week with 5 feel-good stories April 20-26

After the week we had last week, it’s time to start fresh. Here’s five feel-good stories to help kick off the work week.

Town breaks High Five record for boy battling cancer

Thursday was National High Five Day, and in one Minnesota town, they used the “holiday” to help raise funds for a 9-year-old boy battling a rare form of bone cancer. Not only did they raise money to help cover his medical expenses, but they also broke a world record for most high fives in a minute. The goal was 212 high fives; they got 221. I think it’s safe to say this was le…gen…(wait for it..) dary.

An and Ria fly for the first time

I admit, this next video is a little long, but BuzzFeed was right when they called it the “most heart-warming video ever.” The 10-minute video captures the moments leading up to, during and after two elderly women fly in a plane for the first time. An, 72, and Ria, 78, had never flown before.  While the two had never met, they hopped on a private plane together, went on an adventure to Barcelona, and became great friends. This video truly warms the heart.

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KC Zoo introduces spring piglets

There are some new faces on display at the Kansas City Zoo. Back in March, the Red River Hogs Runty and Benti became parents once again, when Benti gave birth to three little piggies. Now the two girls and baby boy are on exhibit in the Congo section of Africa. Stop on by and check them out. (Oh, and don’t forget to say hi to @KCChimp1. Hopefully he’s still there, and isn’t planning another escape!)

Prince George meets George the Bilby

Speaking of the zoo..  The Royal family made their way to Sydney’s Taronga Zoo during their official visit to New Zealand and Australia. There, Prince George met an Australian animal called a Bilby. (A Bilby, by the way, looks a lot like a rat mixed with a rabbit.) This particular Bilby, of course is named after George. The two met, and the photos are priceless. The video is from the Royal Family Channel. The zoo clip starts about 00:36.

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Johns Hopkins students turn staircase into piano

How fun is this? Undergraduate students at Johns Hopkins University in Maryland took a "Big" approach when they turned a staircase into a walking piano. Just think how fun it would be if all stairs played music when we went up and down them!

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Have a great week!

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