List released of colleges with the most attractive students

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Three major colleges in the area have some of the most attractive female students in the nation. That's according to the blog University Primetime.

It ranked the top 50 schools with the most attractive female students.

Kansas State University in Manhatten, Kan., came in at #38. University of Kansas Lawrence came in at #32 while Mizzou came in at #30.

None of our schools made the list for having the sexiest males, but we call shenanigans!

  • Brad Pitt: Mizzou. He quit two weeks prior to graduation to pursue his dreams in Hollywood
  • John Hamm: Mizzou
  • Paul Rudd and Mandy Patinkin: Kansas State University
  • Eric Stonestreet: Kansas State

Are there any other hotties you think were left off the list?

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