Natosha Freeman's sentence: Wear sign that says 'I made a fool out of myself'

Bibb County, Georgia (CNN) - A Georgia woman chose public shaming over jail time, after pleading guilty to battery and making terroristic threats on a school bus.

Natosha Freeman was ordered to wear a sign that says "I made a fool out of myself on a Bibb County school bus".

It's alleged that Freeman spanked her cousin aboard the bus after the girl told her to "Kiss her heiney."

The judge gave her a choice: go to jail for four weekends or wear the sign every morning for a week.

"Judges don't really give you a choice." Freeman said. "I'm just thankful that he gave me a choice instead of me going to jail."

In addition to this unusual sentence, Freeman has to pay a fine of $32 each month until the end of her five year probation.