North Carolina man claims to have captured Bigfoot, at least on video

A man posted video that he claims shows the legendary cryptid Bigfoot, or possibly a creature called “Knobby.”

The video was posted on a blog by a man evidently named Thomas Byers. He doesn’t reveal his name in the post, but he’s identified as such by other media sources.

Byers claims the blurry, brief clip shows a “large upright brown furry animal between six and seven feet tall.”

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Byers says he was traveling in a pickup truck with a companion, Carolyn Wright, on a northern Rutherford County road when they spotted the creature run up to the road. Apparently that’s when Byers began recording.

The resulting video shows almost no detail, and only a vague brown shape can be seen running across the road. It turns and growls at the camera before leaping away to the other side, when the recording stops.

Byers writes on the website that “it was at one point only 15-20 foot from me and it happened so fast and shook me up so bad that I really didn't understand what I had seen until it was up the side of the mountain and out of sight.”

He says although he didn’t get it on video, the creature continued up the side of the mounting “crashing through the brushes as it ran.”

This is not the first time such a sighting has been reported in North Carolina. According to the Bigfoot Field Research Organization’s “Geographic Database of Bigfoot/Sasquatch Sightings & Reports”, there have been a total of 64 reported sightings in the state dating back to 1968.

And recently, a self-proclaimed “mountain man” claimed to have even confronted the creature in his own front yard. (The man’s front yard, that is. Not Bigfoot’s.)

In the most recent case, whether it was really Bigfoot, or someone in a costume, is obviously not much clearer than the video itself. Perhaps it was someone playing a prank on Byers, who seems to be well-versed in the Bigfoot lore of the area. Or perhaps Byers himself was involved in orchestrating a hoax.

On the website, Byers has a call for comments, but clarifies that all comments have to be approved, and “clearly derogatory mean spirited comments will never be approved.”

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