Pheromone Parties: The nose knows the secret to finding a date

PHOENIX (KPHO) - The newest dating fad smells nice for some singles looking for love in the Phoenix area.

Experts say naturally-occurring pheromones could help you find your perfect mate. The Scottsdale Paramount Party asks attendees to bring the shirt they've slept in.

The shirt goes into a bag and is assigned a number. Then the members of the opposite sex swap shirts to smell their way to the perfect mate.

"Sniffing T-shirts sounds weird, but you know people will do anything for love," said partygoer Evan Roberts. "I'm an adventurous person, I'll try anything once, even sniffing."

The person then takes a picture with the shirt that smelled the best to them.

Dr. Shannon Chavez says we can't see of even smell the pheromones, but we have receptors in our nose and mouth that pick up on them.

"Primitively, pheromones had a really big role for us because it really helped with mate selection. Everyone's pheromones are different from another's; It's almost as unique as a fingerprint."

Lori Harrison has faith that the primal instinct wouldn't let her down.

"I mean, it has to be real, animals have that sixth sense or whatever it is, I think," said .