Pigeon the star of Raiders-Chiefs game

OAKLAND, Calif. - Forget the Raiders and the Chiefs. The crowd at Sunday's battle between AFC West cellar dwellers was rooting for the pigeon.

The feathered fan favorite spent much of the second quarter near the 50 yard line.

It sure wasn't intimidated by either the Oakland Raiders or the Kansas City Chiefs.

Raiders fan Chris Heggem shot the video.

"It was quiet cause everyone was just aw man, no one step on the pigeon, don't step on the pigeon," Heggen said.

Mike Brisiel Oakland guard

When Oakland guard Mike Brisiel took a friendly swipe at the bird with his foot to try to get him out of harm's way, he got a heft boo from the crowd.

"Why you gotta hate bro?" one fan can be heard saying.

The Raiders won the game 15-0. The bird was the MVP – Most Valuable Pigeon.