Fifty shades of baby boom

(NBC) - The erotic "Fifty Shades of Grey" trilogy is set to become the fastest selling series in recent years.  Author E. L. James has readers shackled to the exotic love story. 

That has gotten some couples to get creative in the bedroom, and soon it may be raining baby greys!

Women all over are thanking author E. L. James for their little bun in the oven!

"It's an amazing love story," says one reader.  "Every marriage should be like this and have the passion like this and this book is inspiring that."

Let's just say, the erotic fantasy in James' books between Christina Grey and Anastasia Steele has sparked some extra-curricular activities.

Check out these posts on User brownierobinbird posted quote "I would like to thank the author of "50 Shades of Grey" for our newest edition".

mexymama wrote "Yup, this series was definitely my version of female Viagra. Thank you E. L. James!!!"

And MelissaIzzy writes" 50 Shades of Grey is responsible for our pregnancy.  In fact, we may give our child the middle name "Shades".

"I think she's done a great job in saying what women want to feel, you know?" says another reader.  "I think she's talking about something that women are afraid to speak about."

So keep an eye and ear out in about nine months.  We might see a "grey baby boom" with little "Anna's and Christian's" playing in the sandbox together as Google trends for the past three months saw the numbers triple for the search "grey pregnancy" as couples rekindle and rediscover their own passion.

"It's made us feel like we're teenagers again in the bedroom."

Don't be surprised if the names "Christian" and "Anastasia" make the list for the most popular baby names in 2012, just like "Isabella and Jacob" from the Twilight series did in 2010.