Sonic Slam leaves family cheering for more than just a Royals win

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - A Fourth of July Royals game left one Overland Park family cheering for more than just the Royals win on Thursday.

Watching at home, Debbie Hassed and her family couldn't believe how the sixth inning played out.

"I'm like ‘This is so surreal to see the bases loaded, no outs, it's the bottom of the sixth and I'm the Sonic Slam Contestant. This is too crazy!'" she said.

Debbie signed up for the Sonic promotion back in April or May.

The promotion pays cash for home runs and huge cash grand slams-- $25,000 huge.

"It was a wild, wild moment. Truly a gift-- a gift from above. I think just how it all laid out. And on the Fourth of July, it was just so awesome," Hassed said.

The last time someone was awarded the Sonic Slam was back in 2004.

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