Stockton, Calif. woman victim of pumpkin drive-by

STOCKTON, Calif. - Typically when you think of drive-bys you think of bullets, not the filling of America's favorite Thanksgiving pie. But one look at the pumpkin rind and dry seeds are littering the corner of Wilson Way and Roosevelt in Stockton, Calif, shows the scene of a felony assault.

It was just after 10 when a white sedan came speeding down Wilson Way and hurled a pumpkin at a 51 year-old woman standing on the sidewalk. The victim was struck in the chest, and the pumpkin caused a serious enough injury where she had to be transported to a local area hospital.

To Stockton police officials, this isn't a prank run amuck, it's a felony.

"Anytime you throw anything out of a vehicle and you hit someone or something it's a crime and obviously what happened last night caused injury to a person who was just walking across the street," Officer Joe Silva of the Stockton Police Department explained.

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