Superman to be inducted into Kansas Hall of Fame

SMALLVILLE, Kan. - Kansas native Clark Kent will be inducted into the Kansas Hall of Fame this year.

You might know Kent, 75, better as Superman, the out-of-this-world hero from the fictional town of Smallville  that broke into the comic book scene in 1938.

"The superhero's creators chose to place him in Kansas for a reason: so he would learn that super powers without super values are not only useless, they are also dangerous," a statement from the Kansas Hall of Fame said. "Superman may not have been born in Kansas, but ‘Truth, justice and the American way' certainly were."

Born in comic books, Superman has successfully leaped into every other media with a single bound.

He's had his own newspaper comic strip, 17 theatrical cartoons, too-many-to-count TV cartoons and his own Broadway show.

But while nobody can argue his super power, his movie career – which started off with much success – has been on the downturn for years.

Christopher Reeves had a successful silver screen run as Kent/Superman from 1978 to 1987, but while nearly every comic hero has had seemingly half a dozen movies in the last decade, Superman's only return to theaters since came in 2006 in the flop "Superman Returns."

It's hard to top Superman for star power, but he will be joined by some other pretty big names in the Kansas Hall of Fame induction class of 2013.

James Naismith (credited with inventing the game of basketball and bringing it to the University of Kansas), Kansas (the band), the Menninger family (doctors) and the First Kansas Colored Infantry (Civil War soldiers) will also be inducted.

There's no word if Lois Lane will be attending Friday's event.

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