The Fiery Stick kicks off

A big bash is taking over the Liberty Memorial promises to "not be your boss's country club". But here at the now we're looking at the deeper message of the fun and games.

The folks behind Fiery Stick, a group called Live KC, are really hoping a movement catches on and makes Kansas City more attractive to millenials.

Their mission statement reads:

"We've been called overconfident and entitled. But in reality, we're just misunderstood. Like true millennials, we want it all. We'll target civic initiatives such as housing, jobs, transportation and entrepreneurship, just to name a few. But first, let's socialize."

We asked the group why millennials are so important to a city.

"I don't even know if it is as much millenials as it is fresh thought. And what that means to a community. We're looking for people who want to dive in to something bigger than themselves. And overwhelmingly, so obviously, the millennial generation fits that mold," Organizer Erik Wullschleger said.

So are you a millennial? Depends on the definition you find. One describes a millennial as a person who reaches young adulthood around the year 2000, or someone born in the 1980's or 1990's. Click HERE to take the millennial test!

And if you can't make Fiery Stick, there's another way to goes straight to a millennials heart.  The Oregon Trail Pub Crawl will make its way to the city. You can lose members of your team along the way to dangers like, crossing a river or a snake bite.

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