The NCAA field of 68 ranked by coolest alum

Based on its graduates, which school of the 68 playing in the NCAA tournament is the coolest? Sports Illustrated has your answer.

The sports magazine detailed famous alumni from each of the 68 teams vying for the national championship.

See all 68 schools by rank:

Kansas State ranked no. 51 on the list, with alum Kirstie Alley. No. 37 won't surprise wrestling fans. Paul Wright, a future WWE World Heavyweight Champion drives the Wichita State Shockers to the top 50.

The real showdown is between KU and Mizzou , though.

KU comes in at no. 12 on the list, with the coolest alum of Wilt Chamberlain.

MU tops the chart, though. The no. 1 Tigers rose to the top of the list with the help of Brad Pitt.

Do you agree with the list? Leave a comment at to tell us who you think is the coolest alum from your favorite on the list.

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