VIDEO: Mom arrested after brawl at elementary school talent show

ST. CLOUD, Fla. (CNN) - A Florida mother was arrested after a violent brawl with another mom at an elementary school talent show.

The fight was caught on tape. You can watch it by clicking the video player below. Mobile users can watch it here, via the Orlando Sentinel:

The altercation allegedly started when Latisha James, 39, went on stage to take pictures of her daughter. Another mother then asked her to sit down, saying she was blocking the view for other parents.

When James wouldn't budge, that other mom stepped in front of her to take her own photos. That's when the two women came to blows.

James is now worried the battery charge could get her fired from her job.

"How will I be able to take care of my children? Because of a split when I tell you I'm sorry, I'm so sorry! But I was sorry right after I did it," she explained.

If convicted, James could face up to one year in jail. Police are investigating to determine whether the other mother, 27-year-old Jessica Tyler, will also face charges.