Weather whiplash: KC goes from sunny to soggy

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - We're all dealing with a case of weather whiplash. After a day so warm people sat on patios for lunch, it went from dripping in sunshine to just dripping on Tuesday.

"Yesterday was awesome, beautiful and sunny," said Jim Wagner. "Today is crap." While he's appreciative of the rain, he's not the only one less than thrilled with the precipitation.

The Miller family planned a brief vacation from Joplin, Mo., to go to the zoo. They chose Kansas City over St. Louis because St. Louis was supposedly going to have serious thunderstorms, and Kansas City only had a small chance of rain.

When they showed up at the zoo already a bit soggy, they loaded up on colorful zoo ponchos and an umbrella shaped like a monkey.

"Our kids have to see the animals, we've got no zoo in Joplin," explained dad Caleb Miller.

While the zoo's Trumpeter Swan was out basking in the rain, it proved too much for the otters, snuggled in a crevice of their rocky home. But water is no big deal when you're a superhero.

Two-year-old Alexander donned rain boots and a Superman shirt to enjoy his day out with mom.

"I told him we'd go to the zoo today," Heather Gavin said.

As Alexander splashed through the puddles on his way to see a polar bear, the rest of us grin and bear it. After all, it is only supposed to get colder.

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