Website glitch forces volunteers to turn down people trying to beat ACA deadline

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - People trying to beat the Affordable Care Act deadline at the Wyandotte Health Clinic had to be turned down after several website glitches.

“It is disappointing,” Molly Moffett said, a volunteer at the health clinic’s enrollment center.

Healthcare.Gov has had major glitches since early Monday morning.

“Today it’s been down pretty much all day since 6:30 except for about 30 minutes,” Moffett said.

Some six million people have successfully signed up for private insurance coverage as of last week. The website had two million visitors during the weekend.

Monica Martinez only has a few days before she's left uninsured.

“So I have to get health insurance because I have a problem in my thyroid and I need my pill every day,” Martinez said.

Even though she had an appointment to sign up for the ACA, she’s had to reschedule for later this week.

“I have time to come next week,” she said, “so it’s not a big deal."

Same goes for Jose de Lara, who’s trying to get his whole family insured. But he’s not blaming the website for his lack of success.

"No,” he said, “because we had plenty of time beforehand and were always struggling with time."

The good news is neither will be fined. Anyone who has at least made an attempt to sign up now has until April 15 to finish the process. That buys Martinez some more time to figure out how to ensure her health.

“That’s what I’m seeing,” she said, “if they’re going to approve it or not, but I hope."

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