What it takes to prepare the Presidential Suite for the POTUS

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - President Obama touches down in Kansas City on Tuesday night, but getting ready for the visit was a project weeks in the making.

White House officials won't reveal where the President plans to stay the night. 


The downtown Marriott Hotels are booked up, but no one will confirm whether the President will stay there.


Carlos Mortera hopes he'll get a visit to his restaurant which is across the street from the Uptown Theater. That's where the President is scheduled to speak on Wednesday.


"We actually tweeted him last night to see if he'd have lunch with us. We'll see if he responds to it," Mortera said.


There was no word, though, on where the President planned to eat or sleep.


In the past, presidents stayed at the downtown Marriott Hotels. In fact, every sitting president since FDR has stayed at or been in the hotel.


"There isn't an area in the hotel that probably isn't monitored or checked prior to the arrival," Rusty Macy, the General Manager at the downtown Marriott Hotel, said.


Macy has prepared for half a dozen presidential visits at various hotels.


The Marriott has a Presidential Suite, but that's only part of it.


"They're going to take the appropriate precautions on the floor. A floor above, a floor below, part of the hotel. I'd say from time to time that protocol may shift," Macy said.


Macy couldn't confirm or deny whether the Secret Service came through the hotel, but Mortera anticipates to see them at his restaurant soon.


"Not yet, I think we're expecting maybe tomorrow. That's the word other business owners are telling us," Mortera said.


The Truman Presidential Suite is located in the Marriott Muehlebach Hotel. Macy said Truman spent so much time there during his presidency people called it the "White House West."

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