What to do if you're stuck on the road

In the past week, at least three people were hit while crossing busy highways in the metro.


It's not clear why the man decided to walk across the highway, but with winter weather, more cars are breaking down on the side of the road.


When roads are slick  and you crash or your car just breaks down, your instinct is to get out.


But Sergeant Collin Stosberg of the Missouri Highway Patrol said that's not the best choice.


"If you have a notion to get out on the roadway, that's the worst place you can be. On a city street, state highway or interstate, cars are going faster than they seem and nine times out of 10 you're not going to make it," Stosberg said.


Video of a pile-up in Wisconsin shows drivers getting out of their cars after sliding and almost getting hit themselves. Stosberg says stay put and call for help.


"It's a priority call and we know based on experiences that far too many secondary crashes happen as a result of it and that's why they created that law to protect people," explained Stosberg.


It's state law if you're in a non-injury crash to steer off to the shoulder and stay inside. You should then let others know you're there.


"Anything that illuminates your car to keep other motorists from running into you definitely helps," Stosberg said.

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