Where does the money from lottery ticket sales go?

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Mega Millions jackpot is generating so much money that we wanted to find out where the money goes.

Here is the breakdown for both Missouri and Kansas:

The largest percentage of money the lottery takes in is re-distributed back to the players through prize money.

Out of every dollar, 57 cents went back to the players in Kanas for the 2013 fiscal year and 64.7 cents to Missouri players.

The smallest percentages go back to retailers and cover administrative costs, landing at 10.8 percent in Missouri and 13.8 percent in Kansas.

Everything leftover from there gets pumped back into the state.

In Missouri, 24.5 percent of each dollar goes straight to the state's schools, which has been the law since 1993.
In Kansas, 29.1 percent of every dollar is divided among five major categories: economic initiatives, prison construction and maintenance, juvenile detention facilities, gambling problems assistance and the state general fund.

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