Will Reid bring fans, money back to KC?

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - After years of falling attendance at Arrowhead, will new Chiefs head coach Andy Reid help fill the stands and bring more bucks to Kansas City? According to the NFL, average home game attendance for the 2012 season fell to almost 10,000 fewer fans than in 2006, the earliest year for which statistics are posted.

Apart from a 2011 spike in attendance after making the playoffs in 2010, average home game attendance has fallen from more than 77,000 fans in 2006 to 68,505 fans in 2012.

More fans are staying home as part of a fan base that stretches across the country.

"The Chiefs will tell you, there are season ticket holders in 45 states and Canada," said Rick Hughes, the president and CEO of the Kansas City Convention & Visitors Bureau. He added that the Reid hire could stir interest to come back home.

"So we know its a preponderant section outside of the region here, so there is an opportunity to bring a lot of people here and some national chatter," he explained.



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