Witnesses sought after father and 10-year-old shot at gas station

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A community has joined a 10-year-old’s family as they search for his shooter. A crowd of nearly 100 people met at the BP gas station on 45th and Cleveland Avenue in Kansas City to pray for KaVyea Tyson who was shot as he sat next to his father inside their car at the gas station on Friday night.

His dad, 38-year-old KaVyea Curry died.

Right now, doctors are unsure if the 10-year-old will be paralyzed.

For his grandfather, Forest Tyson Jr., the fate of his grandson lies in God and his prayers.

“The thing that cut me to the bone in the last few days was when I was at the hospital and he opened his eyes and he said ‘Papa, they shot my daddy in the head and I think he’s dead,’” he said to the crowds.

However, the fate of finding the shooter lies in the people who know who did it.

“Let somebody call me tonight and tell me they know who this shooter is,” Tyson said. “I will spend every last dime I’ve got to relocate him myself, if they just testify.”

Police released surveillance footage just moments before Tyson and his dad were shot. They’re asking for any witnesses to give them more information on the suspect.

“Somebody knows something and that’s all were asking for is for you to come forward and tell us what you know so that we can bring some justice to this family and we can bring some more peace to this community,” said Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker.

Police ask that anyone with information on the shooter call the TIPS hotline at 816-474-8477. 

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