Woman offers gravesite for vet with PTSD killed in standoff

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A Kansas City family who said they can't afford even a proper burial for their veteran son killed Sunday in a standoff with police will get help, if they want it, from a complete stranger who was moved by their story.

Issac Sims, 26, who served two tours in Iraq and came home with PTSD, was killed by police on Sunday after a fight with his father led to a standoff.

Sims had several run-ins with police, records show, and was told by the VA hospital last week it would be 30 days before he could receive inpatient care for his PTSD.

"People need to understand that veterans are real and PTSD is real," his mother Patricia told 41 Action News on Tuesday. "They need help."

The family said they weren't sure how they would pay for Sims' funeral, something that drove Liberty woman Margaret Taylor, who has never met the Sims, to act.

"The woman broke my heart when she said, ‘I don't know how I'll bury my son,’" Taylor said.  "I said, 'I'll help you do that if you let me help you.'"

That help would come in the form of a free burial plot at Park Lawn Cemetery. Taylor said her family had purchased four plots, but her oldest son said he would prefer to be cremated.

It wasn't much to offer, Taylor said, but it was something.

Her younger son, who died as a child, is already buried there. Taylor said she knows her son would have loved to be buried next to a soldier. 

EDITOR'S NOTE: Information about a donation fund has been removed from this story as multiple people have reported being turned away from donating.

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