Woman seeks owner of military ring left at Kansas rest stop

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Hundreds of thousands of people have tried to help an Oklahoma woman track down the owner of a lost military ring.

Tina Tudor says she saw a young man in military uniform with his family when she was passing through a rest stop outside of Coffeyville, Kan., in September.

After the man left, another driver came out of the bathroom with a United States Army ring saying the man in uniform had left the ring on the sink. That driver asked Tudor if she would be at the rest stop for a while in case the owner came back to look for it.

Tudor said she waited at the rest stop for half an hour but the man never returned.

She then posted her story on Facebook and more than 330,000 people have shared it, including on our 41 Action News Facebook page, but no one has claimed the ring.




If you know the owner of this ring, you can email Tudor at Justme831am@yahoo.com.

Please share this story via our Facebook page and help make sure the ring gets back in the right hands.

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