Women search for shooter who killed dog in KCK

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - A group of women are searching for the person who shot and killed a dog in Kansas City, Kan.
They said investigators wouldn't look into the shooting, so they're taking matters into their own hands.

For weeks Kimberly Gilmore, Laura McConnell and Kim Norris tried to catch the stray dog.

"All the security guards, the people in the restaurants, they knew we were the dog ladies,” McConnell said. “They saw us and say, ‘Oh the dog ladies must be out here looking for the dog.’”

The shy, timid dog apparently made his home near the Legends Outlet Mall.

"He'd sneak up behind you and you wouldn't even know he was there and all of a sudden he'd be there," McConnell said.

The women named him "Houdini of the Legends."

"We tried really hard to catch him so that we could find his owner or give him a good home,” Norris explained.

However, before anyone could catch Houdini, Gilmore found him dead near I-70.

A car hit the dog after he was shot from behind.

Kimberly found the dog with the bullet inside him.

Now, the women say police won't search for the shooter.

"There is no case or anything, because there's no victim,” Gilmore said. “They're saying since there's no owner, there's no victim."

When they tried to claim the dog, Gilmore said, "I offered to be the owner, but when I did I was threatened with animal at large charges and fines."

So these women searched the area where they believe the shooting happened.

They searched for the dog they grew to love and to try and prevent another shooting.

"God forbid someone would shoot my animals because they got loose and were looking for food but they hadn't found him yet," Gilmore said.

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