Work starts to prevent another ape escape at KC Zoo

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - More than 50 Kansas City Zoo workers are searching for any loose tree limb in their three acre chimp exhibit after seven chimps used a limb to hop their enclosure wall.

"Chimp-proof it!" said Kansas City Zoo Director Randy Wisthoff of the job crews have ahead. It could take the rest of the weekend to chimp-proof the place for these animals who are as smart as they are strong. It is crucial to act immediately, especially for the ring leader of the seven chimps who escaped over the 20-foot wall by using a six-foot tree limb.

"He learned a really fun, little trick," said Wisthoff. "He's gonna try to do that again."

Guests in the park when the escape happened late Thursday afternoon were taken into zoo buildings to keep safe. No one was hurt. Most of the chimps were lured back into the enclosure by their usual dinner The last reluctant ape had to be wooed by Whoppers candy.

The escape certainly didn't deter the crowds Friday. By noon, more than 1,500 people had poured into the zoo.

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