Worlds of Fun coaster to be featured on Travel Channel

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Thirty-five roller coaster enthusiasts got to the park early and rode the Mamba roller coaster continuously for two hours Saturday before the park opened.

A crew from the Travel Channel was at the park to film the roller coaster track and riders as they scream, drop and possibly lose their breakfast.

Producers with the Travel Channel said it will feature the Mamba on season three of "Insane Coaster Wars." Season two airs June 9.

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Producers for the show were not sure when season three will air, but said the Mamba will be featured as one of the rides thrill-seekers flock to for defying drops, twists and turns.

Worlds of Fun marketing director Hollye Gurley said the park was excited to get the call from Travel Channel, and that having a national audience see the Mamba is sure to boost WOF tourism and put Kansas City on the map for an amusement park destination.

Some volunteer riders said riding the Mamba over and over again is not for people with weak stomachs, but they did it because they love the thrill and the possibility of being on TV doing what they love.

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