Year in Review: Top 10 stories on

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - From spiders to storms, ten local stories caught your eye on more than any other. They may not all be the biggest news stories, but they are the most read.

At number ten, a 41 Action News Investigators exclusive -- $15,000 dollars of missing taxpayer money. One woman believed the money really went to keep a councilman's sexting from going public.

And remember those two big winter storms in February? 37,000 of you read up on predictions for the storm before round two hit.

Our cameras were rolling when a father heard his daughter's voice for the first time after she was abducted three years ago.

Landing in at number seven, a spider infestation delayed five flights out of Kansas City International Airport. Air traffic controllers had to evacuate after spiders bite three people.

The sixth most popular storm on – a Missouri ranch owner believes aliens mutilated her cows after three were mysteriously killed.

At number five, thousands of you wanted to know more when a man abandoned a 6-year-old at a Kansas City fire station.

Roughly 48,000 of you wanted to watch a woman from Liberty fight a $913 tow truck bill.

While number three shows how much an entire community mourned with the family of Chad Rogers, hundreds searched for the runner whose body was found days later.

The second most popular story on our site -- A Kansas City mom protests the strip club who brought strippers to tailgate at Arrowhead.

Coming in at number one, the Independence woman who made national news after claiming she was kicked out of a local water park because of her swimsuit. That story had 628,000 views.

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