Youth group gives teenagers fun, safe way to spend summer nights

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Instead of having kids waste their summer away getting into trouble, a Kansas City youth group has a better idea.

Youth minister Frank Savory is the creator of 'Hype Night,' a fun and safe way for kids to spend their time during summer nights.

Every Friday at 7 p.m., Savory welcomes anyone interested to the Destined for Glory Worship Center at 4238 Prospect Ave., for a night of gospel rap, spoken word, praise dance and free dinner.

"Kids are always complaining that they don't anything to do," Savory said.  "So they end up running around town, down to the plaza, causing problems."

Savory remembers the group of teens who swarmed the Country Club Plaza two years ago, causing property damage and injuries.  He said if those kids had more opportunities to spend their time productively, then they would be less likely to get in trouble.

Savory said he hopes kids use Hype Night as an alternative to using drugs and gun violence.  He said nearly 100 teens have attended his first few gatherings.

Police say since the end of the school year, there have not been any major problems with teenagers near the Plaza.  Officers could not pinpoint a reason why, but say a combination of stricter curfews, increased police presence and activities like Hype Night are making a difference.

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