Man's decision to donate home could leave his mother homeless

BETHALTO, Ill. - An Illinois man's decision to leave his home to a charity after he died could leave his mother out in the cold.

Elfie Dugan is 91 years old and fighting to stay in the home she had shared with her son before he passed away unexpectedly.

Her son, Wayne Ray, was a lifelong Loyal Mason, part of the Shriners group.

He and his fellow members believed Ray's mother would be allowed to stay in his home if he died before she did.

But his will didn't say that. Shriners Hospitals for Children does not want to be a long distance landlord.

"I was proud of him, he wanted to do that with his money, because it was his," Dugan said.

She has been grappling with her son's sudden death and her own recovery from surgery.

After reading a letter from a lawyer, a friend was concerned Dugan would be forced to move out.

"There actually have been communications between our offices here and his attorney, suggesting that there may be other alternatives other than being a landlord in the situation," Shriners Hospitals for Children Executive Vice President John McCabe said. " And there are ongoing discussions with them as to how we can work that out."

Dugan says she wants to stay in the home as long as her health allows.