West, Texas explosion video: Girl begs father to 'please get out of here'

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A piece of incredible video is circulating of the explosion at a Texas fertilizer plant, and the man who shot it with his young daughter is speaking about what he saw.

Derrick Hurtt appeared on NBC's "Today" on Thursday with his 12-year-old daughter Khloey.

The two tell NBC they were about 300 yards west of the West, Texas plant shooting video when the explosion happened.

Police said early Thursday at least five to 15 people were killed, 50 to 60 homes were badly damaged and more than 160 people were injured.

About 33 seconds into Hurtt's video clip, which already had well over 1 million views on YouTube by early Thursday, the violent explosion can be seen in the distance.

Hurtt can be heard asking his daughter if she's okay. She responds that she is and begs her father to drive away.

"Please get out of here, please get out of here. Oh my God, dad please get out of here," she can be heard saying. "I can't hear anything."

Hurtt described a scene of terror in the moments after the explosion.

"It was a pretty horrific scene, some of the injuries we saw,'' Hurtt told Matt Lauer.

He says the force of the explosion lifted his truck off the ground.   "It just blew me over on top of her," Hurtt told Lauer. "It all happened so quick that things just kind of went black for a moment."

To see Hurtt's video, click on the media player below or visit http://youtu.be/ROrpKx3aIjA. Some may find the video hard to watch.

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