Everybody wins in viral video of middle school wrestler allowing opponent to pin him

Too often it seems, when youth sports is featured in the news, it has something to do with bad sportsmanship and/or parents behaving badly.

Not this time.

A video posted to YouTube last week is quite the contrary.

The clip, posted by Tennessee man Phillip Stevens on Dec. 1, shows his son Jared in his first-ever wrestling match.

Jared, according to NBC News, has cerebral palsy and has always wanted to be a wrestler.

The video shows Jared's coach placing him on the mat next to his opponent, identified by NBC News as 13-year-old Justin Keivit.

Justin maneuvers himself close to Jared, wraps the boy's arm around himself and allows him to pin him, drawing an enormous cheer from the crowd.

NBC News reports the match wasn't even planned. The boys had never met before they shook hands.

Phillip Stevens told NBC News his son isn't afraid of trying anything, and he just wants to be one of the guys.

Watch the video below or by visiting http://youtu.be/J-pInwGuhJw

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