Janitor pays child to beat up fellow student

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. - A Michigan mother is still in shock after, according to the family, a school janitor paid another student to beat up her child.

Her son said something he shouldn't have to the woman who worked for a private contractor that supplies cleaning services to Grand Rapids Public Schools.

The school's investigation revealed she gave two fourth graders a dollar and told them to beat him up.

"To think that there's an adult that can be so like twisted to sit there and watch a little boy... a little 9-year-old boy, get beat up and get enjoyment out of it," the mother said.

Word got back to school administrators and the janitor got sent to the principal's office. She admitted to everything and was fired.

The mother said her son did get roughed up. The school's trying to confirm that.

"You hear something like this and it certainly makes you shake your head," GRPS Spokesperson John Helmholdt said.

And wonder how someone who would make that kind of threat got a school job in the first place? The woman worked for West Michigan Janitorial Service, a company that's provided contract works to GRPS for over six years.

"All GRPS employees and individuals who are working with children have to go through the district's background check. But in this case, because it's an external vendor," Helmholdt said. "It's actually a double check."

That's because the janitorial service is also required to background employees it places in area schools.

We're not identifying the mom of the 9-year-old targeted by the janitor. She figures if the woman was bold enough to put a hit on her son, she may come after the rest of the family.

"I don't know what kind of woman I'm dealing with. It's a little sick and twisted to me, to get enjoyment out of making a group of kids beat up a little kid you don't like," the mother said.

The mother said she is looking for a lawyer and may sue.

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