Jodi Arias verdict: What are the jury's options in State v. Jodi Arias?

PHOENIX (KNXV-TV) - The jury in the Jodi Arias murder trial has reached, and they had several options to consider.

If the prosecution has fully proven its case, the jury will find Arias guilty of first-degree murder, which carries a penalty of death, natural life, or life with the possibility of release after 25 years in prison.

There are two different versions of the first-degree murder charge, either premeditated for planning it, or as a felony murder based on being in victim Travis Alexander's home without his permission.

If Arias is given the death penalty, she would become the fourth woman on Arizona's Death Row. She would join Wendi Andriano, convicted for the murder of her terminally ill husband; Shawna Forde, convicted in a robbery murder case; and Debra Milke, convicted for the murder of her 4-year-old son.


When Judge Sherry Stephens issued instructions to the Arias jury, we learned they will also be allowed to consider lesser charges of second-degree murder and manslaughter.

If found guilty of second-degree murder, Arias faces 10 to 22 years in prison.

If found guilty of manslaughter, she would be sentenced to 7 to 21 years in prison.

The jury could also find her not guilty in connection with Alexander's death.

If the jury cannot reach a verdict at all, there is the possibility of a hung jury, at which point the County Attorney's Office would have to decide whether to re-try her.

Arias has served 1,700 days behind bars so far, which likely would apply to any prospective sentence as just under 4-3/4 years of time served.

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