Midwest drought has other areas of country struggling to pick up the slack

TUCSON, Ariz. - As farms in America's Heartland continue to bake under the hot summer sun and drought conditions, other areas of the country are trying to pick up the slack, but it's getting increasingly hard to keep up.

In Tuscson, Brent Harrison runs a company that distributes locally-grown fruit and vegetables.

He said while Arizona crops will try to help fill in what the Midwest cannot produce, they've seen their own weather issues that are putting a lot of pressure on the state's products.

On top of that, Arizona farmers just can't grow some crops, like the corn used in chicken feed.

That leaves store owners paying high prices, and passing them on to the consumer.

"If it continues, yeah, it will hurt us eventually, and it's already started with eggs," Harrison said. "We were told we would see a $4 to $6 increase in the price of eggs, on a case."

And it's not just vegetables and eggs.

It could soon cost more to put meat on your table.

"Meat prices are already high right now," grocer John Abbott said. "I have been butchering for about five years now, it's probably the all time high i have seen."