Now that he's convicted, what's next for Sandusky?

A jury took less than two days to find Jerry Sandusky guilty of 45 of 48 counts of child sexual abuse, but the judge will need longer than that to decide the punishment for the retired Penn State assistant football coach.

Judge John Cleland has ordered a pre-sentencing report, which will take anywhere from one to two months to complete.

During that time, Sandusky will be examined by Pennsylvania's Sexual Offenders Assessment Board. The judge can use information from that exam in deciding whether Sandusky should be treated as a sexually violent predator, which carries stiffer reporting and treatment requirements after prison.

Sandusky will likely be assigned to Camp Hill state prison in south-central Pennsylvania. New inmates there are put through a battery of medical, dental, psychiatric, psychological, vocational and educational tests. Sex offenders must undergo mandatory treatment programs.

Sandusky could also face a flurry of civil lawsuits from his accusers.

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