Submerged town reappearing as drought worsens

As the Drought in the Heartland continues an Indiana town is reappearing after a half a century.

Monument City is known as Indiana's Atlantis. The 100 residents evacuated decades ago when the Salamonie Reservoir flooded the town. There used to be about 20 homes, a general store, car repair and a church.

Teresa Rody of the Salamonie Interpretive Center says the town is usually hidden because the reservoir is usually about 13 feet higher.

"This time of year it is very rare to see any of the spots where the town used to be because we just didn't get the rain this year."

Visitors are coming to see the reemerging city. The buildings were torn down, but remnants of the town are beginning to appear.

The DNR patrols the area for artifacts that may have surfaced as well.