Walmart hostage situation: Surveillance video captures toddler threatened inside Oklahoma store

Suspect killed by police

MIDWEST CITY, Okla. - Surveillance video from inside an Oklahoma City Walmart reveals how police officers saved a little girl's life after she was grabbed from a shopping cart and held hostage.

A mother was shopping for groceries with her two young daughters when Sammie Wallace walked up to their shopping cart and grabbed the two-year-old girl.  

According to Midwest City police, Wallace handed the toddler's mother a cell phone and instructed her to call a police officer he knows in Dallas, Texas. At the time, Wallace had a knife directed at the little girl's stomach.

Frightened onlookers called 911 to report the hostage situation. Once at the scene, swat teams and police officers evacuated the store to begin negotiations with Wallace.

Police told local media outlets in Oklahoma City that Wallace was not responding to their negotiations. He was acting unstable and making unreasonable demands. Officers moved the toddler's mother and sister to the front of the store before Wallace moved the knife from the young girl's stomach to her neck and began counting down from sixty.

Afraid for the little girl's safety, one negotiator distracted Wallace while another officer moved in and shot Wallace point blank in the head.

Wallace was killed instantly and the little girl was unharmed. The Midwest City Police Department and Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater determined the officer who opened fire acted appropriately.