Woman accused of leaving poisonous juice on Starbucks shelf

A woman is accused of trying to poison customers at a California Starbucks.

San Jose police arrested 50-year-old Ramineh Benbehanian Monday night at her home.

Police say earlier that day, a customer at a Starbucks saw her remove two bottles of orange juice from her purse and put them on a refrigerated shelf.

The customer told employees, who noticed a toxic smell and called police.

Authorities determined the bottles contained a potentially lethal amount of rubbing alcohol.

"I can't give you a specific volume of isopropyl alcohol that was in the orange juice bottle," San Jose Police Sgt. Jason Dwyer said, "but I can tell you that according to our San Jose firefighters that were on scene and the fire captain there - and they're really the experts on it - it was a lethal dose."

The motive for the attempted poisoning is under investigation.

Benbehanian was booked on suspicion of attempted murder.