New film, 'The Gnomist,' profiles how tiny homes in Overland Park brought magic to families

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - A film about an Overland Park mystery is making waves on the FilmFestival Circuit.

The slogan for The Gnomist is “What Do You Believe," playing off the magic and wonder of little homes that popped up on the Tomahawk Creek Trail in Spring of 2013.

Someone was secretly making little homes, adding interior furniture to them that would change with the seasons.

Overland Park filmmaker Sharon Liese thought finding out who was behind the project would make for a good movie.

When she saw how the homes were affecting people, the movie shifted focus.

"They're seeing a story about magic and about the power of kindness," Liese says.

The Gnomist follows three women and how the homes helped them overcome personal struggles.

"We were devastated and we would come to this trail here in Firefly Forest, we would seek out the fairy homes and it kind of became a nice place for us to get some fresh air as we grieved," said Kelly Fisher, whose three-year-old daughter passed away from brain cancer.

The film is hitting a nerve with festival goers, winning best short documentary at the Minneapolis Film Festival.

The movie’s first KC Metro screening sold out tonight at the White Theatre in Overland Park.

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