New sports medicine clinic treats professional players and fans

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Thursday, the University of Kansas Hospital unveiled a new sports medicine clinic at the Truman Sports Complex.

On Monday, the clinic will take appointments for both fans and professional athletes.

The community can be treated by the same doctors and in the same exam rooms as the players from the Kansas City Chiefs and Kansas City Royals.

The clinic has many cutting edge tools like a state-of-the-art M.R.I. machine specially designed to not only scan muscles and organs, but to look deep inside the brain for any hemorrhaging or indication of trauma.

The M.R.I. equipment will help the doctors at University of Kansas Center for Sports Medicine treat and diagnose concussions.

"The biggest one these days that everybody is worried about is concussions. You've seen what's going on in the NFL, all the press about concussions, you're seeing it in baseball now and people are worried about kids. If they have concussions at a young age what does that mean for them," University of Kansas Hospital CEO and president Bob Page said.

There are a total of seven exam rooms, a casting room and a room with digital x-ray equipment.

All the equipment is designed to work for a 6-foot-something football player or a 2-foot-something little leaguer.

There's even a classroom for the community to learn about sports injuries, to avoid ever needing to use the new clinic.

Page gave this tip Kansas City residents can start with today.

"Everybody's gotta stretch and get ready. The days of just walking out and starting are probably over. I think people need to take care of their bodies and make sure their bodies are ready to put through that rigor," he advised.

The clinic also has a back door allowing Kansas City Chiefs players to enter directly from their training facility. If an athlete is injured during practice, they'll have access to immediate treatment.

The clinic will be open Monday through Friday.

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