Owner of missing dog still hopeful her pet will be found

BETHANY, Mo. - The owner of a missing Jack Russell Terrier that ran away from a veterinary center is hopeful after receiving news of a possible sighting.

Could it be Penny, the Jack Russell Terrier who vanished more than a year ago while in the care of a Bethany veterinary clinic?

Susan Frazier contacted 41 Action News this week to say she’s received “numerous” possible leads from people in Moberly, MO who spotted, "this dog or one just like it." One woman planned to contact a local shelter and search for the dog, which appeared lost. Moberly is 145 miles southeast of Bethany. 

41 Action News reported on the missing dog in January, 2013 after it ran away while in the care of a local Bethany vet center.  

"We were devastated and heartbroken," Frazier said at that time. 

This week, in an email, Frazier said, “I am not in the area (I am in Las Vegas, Nevada) and have been trying to reach out to anyone that can help.  The sightings have all been reported near Fisk St. and Woody (close to the College.)"

A Facebook page has been set up for Penny, the missing dog.  If you know anything, contact Frazier by way of the Facebook page set up for the missing dog, Penny. 

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