Parents thinking twice about what they display on their vehicles

Officials worry criminals target based on stickers

BOCA RATON, Fla. - Bumper stickers display favorite hobbies, businesses you support. They've expanded to windows and beyond over the years. Question is - do you realize what you might be revealing about your family?

"This is my son's school, it labels what school, it happens to be a private school," said Mindy Brodsky.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office put a post on Facebook this week urging parents to consider what they're putting out there.

Boca Raton mother Mindy Brodsky says some of her stickers are harmless, but others have her thinking twice.  

Some child safety experts say stickers that display how many children you have in your family, have to go.

"I'd never put it on my car, I wouldn't. Anyone could target us and say 'oh they have a young kid, that kid goes to such and such school', and target the school," said Sally Berenzweig of the KidSafe Foundation.

If the thread on Facebook is any indication, parents are clearly talking about it.

"Sometimes when I see those stickers of how many boys you have, how many girls, I always thought they were personal details you wouldn't want to announce," said Brodsky.

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