Biden swaps 'i' with 'o' in gaffe seized on by Romney camp

Lynchburg, Virginia (CNN) - It was a simple swap of an "i" with an "o." And yet, a fresh gaffe from Vice President Joe Biden on Saturday caused the Romney campaign to essentially accuse him of being absent-minded and invited snickers from the Twitter-sphere.

It happened at a campaign rally in Lynchburg.

The vice president opened his remarks to 1,500 people packed into an armory by praising Virginia's Democratic Senate nominee Tim Kaine.

"I want to tell you, it's good to be in a state that's going to be represented by Tim Kaine," Biden said. "What a guy! There is a decent honorable man. That man has more integrity in his little finger than most people have in their whole body."

Yet in the next breath, Tim Kaine became someone else.

"I'm a big Tom Kaine fan. A big Tom Kaine fan," Biden said.

Moments after the speech, the Romney campaign pounced.

"Vice President Biden forgot the name of his own Virginia Democratic Senate nominee and he wants voters to forget about President Obama's failed economic policies and lack of a real agenda for a second term," Romney spokesman Ryan Williams said in a statement to reporters.

"Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are offering real change for a real recovery, with 12 million new jobs, rising incomes and a stronger middle class," Williams added.

Those taking to Twitter were equally unforgiving, many of them overlooking the fact that Biden got Kaine's name correct the first time around.

"Obama accuses Romney of 'Romnesia' but it's Biden who calls Tim Kaine, 'Tom,'" tweeted Republican strategist and CNN Contributor Ana Navarro. "Someone's got amnesia for real."

Kaine is embroiled in a close - and bitter - battle with Republican opponent George Allen for the Senate seat being vacated by Democrat Jim Webb.

When asked to comment on Biden's gaffe, the Obama campaign did not respond.

Biden devoted the majority of his speech to repeated slams against his Republican opponents. Chief among them: Biden accused Romney and Ryan of being on the wrong side of women's issues, and of pushing a tried - and tired - economic plan that hasn't worked in the past and won't work in the future.

"I've never seen two candidates for the highest office of the land who are more negative about the state of our country, about America's prospects for the future, more negative about the willingness of the American people to take responsibility for their own lives," Biden said.