Claire McCaskill wins re-election: Now what?

Senator Claire McCaskill was the clear winner Tuesday night, defeating Rep. Todd Akin by a more than 10% margin.

The race was called at about 9:15 p.m. Once the announcement was made, the party started.

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"It is those salt of the earth, wonderful people who live in the state I love. It is those people that I will go to Washington and fight for with everything I've got," McCaskill said as she addressed supporters Tuesday night in St. Louis.

Hundreds of people flocked to the ballroom at the Chase Park Plaza to hear her speak. She thanked the 100 staffers who worked her campaign, and the thousands of volunteers who made phone calls and knocked on doors to ensure her return to the Senate.

A mainstay of her re-election campaign was the focus on her moderate voting record. McCaskill's camp produced a handful of adds touting the Senator as a middle of the aisle Democrat who avoided voting along party lines.

That type of record is truly something McCaskill will have to defend once she returns to Washington D.C. That record is arguably the largest promise made by her campaign in the last few months.

Moderate Missourians who voted for McCaskill over Akin will be watching closely.

"I don't always agree with her 100 percentm but you're not supposed to agree with people all the time. That's what makes a good government," said supporter Jane Ryan.

For Ryan, woman's rights and the rights of unborn children were the sticking points in this race. Because of that, she campaigned against McCaskill's opponent.

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McCaskill earned another six years in Congress and the chance to take up the sword for issues like the economy, women's rights and the care of veterans. During her campaign, she promised to improve all three.

Now, the voting public in Missouri will wait and see what McCaskill does once she returns to the Capitol.

McCaskill staffers said the senator will take a few days off after Election Day to relax.

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