Voters head to the polls to elect a new Kansas City Mayor

KANSAS CITY, Missouri - Tuesday, voters head to the polls to elect a new Kansas City Mayor and several city council members.

Attorneys Sly James and Mike Burke are vying for the mayoral seat. Burke is a former council member. James has never been elected to office.

We caught up with both on Tuesday as they were headed out to reach voters and to cast their own ballots. Click on the attached videos to hear what they had to say.

Voters say the candidates have a long list of similaries, except when it comes to the new law firm proposed for the Plaza. Burke says he's against it unless another property owner tries to lure it away to Kansas. Then, he would support a tax incentive to keep it in Kansas City. James on the other hand would not support a financial incentive to woo Polsinelli Shughart to build on the Plaza.

In February's primaries, James beat Burke by just 38 votes and analysts say the race is still very close. Only 20 percent of registered voters are expected to turnout Tuesday. Analysts also point to a large pool of undecided voters.

Undecided voter Sheila Strozier said, "(I) just want someone who is fair, who will treat every citizen right," she said. Strozier says she'll be happy no matter who wins. She just wants someone who will spend the city's money fairly.

Sly James cast his ballot at the Central Presbyterian Church on Campbell and 35th Street at about 6:30 a.m. His mom flew in from Nevada to support him. His watch party will be held at the Jazz Museum at 18th and Vine.

"If you want the results of the last 30 years that's one thing. If you want something different as we go forward then I'm your guy because I'm going to put forth a new type of leadership, cutting edge ideas and some real citizen involvement to city governmentt over the next four years," said James.

Mike Burke is scheduled to vote at the Thomas Chinn Elementary School at 7100 NW Chatham at noon. His watch party will be held at the Westin Crown Center.

"It's experience. I've had most of my professional career worked as a volunteer in one capacity or another for the city of Kansas City. I'm ready to get in there and start on day one... My priority for day one (is to) get City Hall's act together," said Burke.

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