Funkhouser feels confident about moving on in primary election

KANSAS CITY, Missouri - Kansas City Mayor Mark Funkhouser faces five challengers in the primary election.

Funkhouser tells us he's confident about how the election will turn out.

The last time a Kansas City mayor was denied a second term was the 1920s.

The mayor and his wife voted in their Brookside neighborhood.

Some voters have talked as if she's on the ballot, because of her role in his administration.

Gloria Squitiro started out volunteering full time in the mayor's office. That led to racial discrimination lawsuits costing the city $675,00 to settle.

Recently I asked the mayor whether he thought he should apologize to KCMO residents for all the drama and distractions at City Hall during his first term.

"I don't think I owe them an apology. I don't think I caused them. You know, the powers that be have arranged things in a certain way. The status quo is the status quo."

Funkhouser describes his ordeal as pushing back against power and demanding change.

He says that's what caused the turmoil.

Funkhouser also plays down opponents' attacks on his leadership during the campaign.

"If they want to talk about my personal style, then obviously they don't want to talk about things like fiscal responsibility and the financial condition of the city," said Funkhouser.

The mayor says four years ago, voters elevated him from auditor to mayor so he could fix the city's finances.

He says he's done that.

Tuesday night the mayor will gather at the Westport Flea Market with supporters to see if that campaign message works.

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