Volunteers for candidates for Missouri's 4th District go door-to-door in final campaign blitz

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - It is crunch time for Missouri's 4th District congressional candidates.

An army of volunteers including retired school teachers, postal workers  and students spent the weekend knocking on hundreds of doors in Sedalia and Raymore, trying to drum up support for their candidate and helping convince voters in the Show-Me State to head to the polls on Tuesday.

Volunteers for Vicky Hartzler spent all day Saturday promoting the Republican congresswoman's support  for the military, education and  her strong Christian values.

Volunteers for Democratic challenger Teresa Hensley spent all day Sunday in Sedalia talking to voters about Hensley's  plans to create jobs, protect farmers and the middle class. Volunteers said when they are face to face with voters, it is more powerful than an email or a phone call.

"Anywhere and everywhere political ads are jammed in your face but when someone knocks on your door it's a change of pace for some people," explained Danielle Bender, a Hensley supporter.

"We have had elections where one vote does make a difference, so we're doing a good thing. Win or lose to say you had a chance to support your candidate it's a blessing in this country," said Kathy Beard, a Hartzler supporter. 

Numbers  filed with the Federal Trade Commission show incumbent  Vicky Hartzler raised several thousand dollars more than  her challenger, Teresa Hensley.

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